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What people are saying about Department of Better.

“Moving is always a challenge whether down the block or out of state. With my Can-Do focus I thought, I’ve got this. Wrong! Department of Better to the rescue. Hilary’s clarity, design expertise, and solutions-oriented direction -  from the realtor to staging, antique buyers to museum curators, organizing to packing - was everything necessary to accomplish the task at-hand seamlessly. Department of Better is BEST!”

Maxx Palley, Artist & Dancer

“Hilary Jay knows her stuff, in both senses of the word. As a lifetime lover of objects, she understands the emotional impact of our possessions and collections. Widely connected and deeply informed, she knows what things are worth and what to do with them when it’s time to let go. She has a great eye, and confidently guides clients on feathering their new nests. Her Department of Better brings a lifetime of knowledge, know-how, creativity, empathy, and style to every job.”

John Wind, Designer & Artist, John Wind Collection

“Moving to a smaller home meant leaving a lot of hand-built designer furniture behind. Department of Better found us the kind of buyers who understood the value of our furniture and artwork, and the company brokered solid sale prices to everyone’s benefit. Helpful and professional!”

Phil Korb, Esq & Sandra Wolf, MD

“Hilary has a unique ability to understand the individuality of each client and, in a stressful life transition, alleviate anxiety and transform hopes and dreams into reality. No project is too small or large; she patiently gives her all.”

SaraKay Smullens,

Writer, Social Worker & Psychotherapist

“Aging is not for sissies. Hilary understands the challenges of growing older, and helps me feel empowered. Together we are re-organizing my home, de-cluttering and downsizing, so that it works well for me and my needs now. And, she has brought a design aesthetic that matches my taste.”

Julie Courtney, Independent Curator

“Hilary’s curatorial eye is exceptional! She is helping us build our art collection, introducing us to an international roster of artists and designers we wouldn’t have found otherwise.“

Michele Leff & David Fetkewicz,

Owners of 12th Street Catering

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