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Department of Better offers a menu of distinct services to individuals and their families. We also provide extensive á la carte options for visual artists and discerning collectors focused on investment value and creative legacy.

Initial Consultation

After discussing your needs, timeframe, and budget, we will review services and rates, and establish a plan to get your project completed with ease. Our first meeting is always free of charge.


Move Management

Moving is an emotional time full of hard decisions such as what to keep and what to shed. We manage sales, consignments, and donations of furnishings, artwork, and clothing. Our staff organizes and packs your belongings to make your transition a smooth experience.  We unpack your things, too, right down to your makeup drawer and kitchen pantry. We work with your moving company, or one we recommend, so that your project is completed with white-glove care and professionalism.

Interior Design Services

Whether moving to a new home or refreshing an existing space, The Department of Better can curate your furnishings and design your interiors for beauty and comfort. We help you imagine your ideal space, one that feels good and functions just as well. From space planning and ADA compliant layouts to styling, paint palette selection, re-upholstery, and window treatment, we’ve got you covered.


Collection Curation & Sales

Whether you are building a collection or de-accessioning family heirlooms, fine art or crafts, Hilary and her team work with a network of dealers, auction houses, and consignment boutiques to find you the best values, and the best return for your cherished objects.

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