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The Art of Moving: A Case Study

My former business partner John Wind called recently with a tough assignment. “I need to empty out half my house for renovations in three weeks. Can you sell some valuable and semi-valuable art & objects, ‘disappear’ the less valuable ones, move the artwork out of harm’s way, organize where everything goes, hire and manage the movers, and be our team leader and co-shlepper on moving day?”

John’s home is packed with museum-quality fine art and antiques, arranged maximally as only he can. This was complex: some things moved to auction, others to their climate controlled warehouse, and yet more to a donation site. To make this transition work precisely, quickly, and with the utmost care I needed the assistance of expert movers.

I called Baldwin Fine Art + Residential Movers hoping they would be the perfect combination of speedy, meticulous, and competitively priced.

Bingo! Baldwin’s staff matched my own: creative and efficient problem solvers, professional and good humored, efficient and well-organized. Plus, they were fun to work with.

Given this winning combination, Department of Better and Baldwin Fine Art + Residential Moving are now uniquely affiliated*. We work hand-in-hand to make every transition - complex or straightforward - the best possible experience for our clients.

There’s a fine art to every move. More than physical strength, a seamless transition calls for meticulous planning, expert coordination, and a collaborative approach. That’s where your peace-of-mind dwells. "Hilary & the Department of Better handled it all with precision, speed, thoughtfulness, care, creativity, and the utmost professionalism throughout. She literally saved the day and turned a major source of anxiety into a pretty fun experience!"

(*Small print: This affiliation is not exclusive. Both Department of Better and Baldwin FAR continue to work with any moving and transition company that our clients select.)

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