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Nine Insider Tips for a Seamless Move

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

With your moving day looming large, here are nine professional tips and tricks for turning any

whirlwind transition into a calm, fall breeze.

1. Use It, Don’t Move It

Take stock of canned goods, frozen foods, paper products, and other consumables. Use as

many of these products as you can before moving. And, if you have an overabundance of dry

goods, consider passing them on to a local food pantry.

2. Toxin Tips

Those hazardous materials in your basement, attic, or garage storage need to be safely

disposed of before you move. They include outdated household cleaners, yard and automotive

products, as well as paints and other home repair liquids. Visit Earth911 for information on

handling hazardous materials, and collection sites in your area. Philadelphia residents can participate in hazardous waste drop-off events at regional convenience centers. More information HERE.

3. Reach Out and Touch Everyone

Create a list of people, places, services and utilities that need to be notified of when and where

you’re moving. That includes the post office, drivers license, voters registration, and


4. Share the Wealth

Give away things that are still usable but not particularly valuable. Curb alerts and porch pick-ups work well if you prefer to have neighbors pick things up on their own schedule. Listing your items is easy, on these sites: Freecycle, Buy Nothing, CraigsList, Facebook Marketplace and

Nextdoor. And, don’t forget to recycle your gently used moving boxes and materials by listing them on these sites after you’ve completed your move.

5. Label It!

If your packing boxes yourself or hiring a professional, make sure to label them with pre-printed

colored stickers or paper labels indicating what room they are going to. Number each box and

create a rough list of what’s inside so that you know everything arrives safely at your

destination. Create a few essentials boxes with things such as paper plates, cups, toilet paper;

critical kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies; basic tools like a hammer, screwdriver, flashlight;

whatever you want to unpack first. Make sure to give them a special symbol for easy


6. Pack an Overnight Bag

Think of this move as an overnight adventure. Put together a survival bag that includes

personal items you want to have handy like medications, eyeglasses, toiletries, change of

clothes, important papers, and valuables.

7. Directions Please

Designate a point person (you?!) to work with the movers. Welcome them when they arrive.

Give them an overview of what they are moving, including what’s fragile and what requires

special handling. As they load up, be available to answer questions, and supply cold drinks.

You want to make sure they treat your belongings as lovingly as you do.

8. Final Sweep

Once everything is loaded onto the moving truck, walk through your home one last time. Open

every closet and every drawer. Take out any remaining garbage. Consider hiring a cleaning

company so that your last home looks as move-in ready as your new home is.

9. The Hand-Off

Before you lock up and leave, make sure to write a note for the new residents with your forwarding address and telephone number. You might include a welcoming gift - some flowers, a sweet treat, or a bottle of something - as an incentive to forward any mail or packages that land at your old address.

For more tips, tricks or transition assistance

give us a shout at Department of Better, or (215)-266-8409

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